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Level 3 Autonomous Diagnostics

Level 3 automation revolutionized self-driving vehicles.

Now it's changing medical practice


No Emergency Should Have to Wait

Instead of waiting hours for a radiologist, ER physicians use our systems to start treating critical patients. Immediately.


We are targeting the first FDA CADx approval for an AI software as a medical device (SaMD) to diagnose brain bleeds. 


Triage is Not Enough

Others have tried to solve this problem by flagging scans for radiologists to help them read cases faster. These Level 1 devices are classified as CADt by the FDA.  But in addition to still postponing direct care, these devices do not help at all for the 95% of head CT scans with no bleeding.

As a diagnostic tool, we do the read ourselves so ER physicians start taking action. When patients have bleeds, they now get treated immediately. If they are clear, ER physicians can discharge them or send them to a more appropriate waiting area - improving bed flow, increasing ER throughput, and helping more patients.